Decorations For Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving will be here soon and my thoughts are on the huge turkey in my freezer and how much fun we are going to have with our guests.
I've started on my centerpiece for the dining room table. I bought these 3 brass candle holders at a thrift store for $4.00.  I cleaned them with Brasso and I think they look pretty good.  Before Thanksgiving, I'm sure I will add something else to the centerpiece.
 We had friends over the other night and I just had to light my candles even though they are for Thanksgiving Day.  Back to Dollar Tree to find more drip less candles.
 We will be playing a Holiday Trivia game I found online.   It is like the game show "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" and  "Family Feud".  The game lets you call family members or friends when you get stumped on an answer.  How neat will it be to call people who couldn't make it to the dinner?
 It will be a great  way to get us into the holiday spirit and include others in our celebration.
  Click Here for free printables, answer sheet, and instructions.
 I love this idea found at Balancing Home.
I will be making this for our guests.  It would be fun to see if we can guess who wrote what they are most grateful for.
Or maybe the kids would like to make these cute pine cone turkeys.
Holiday Family Relay
Holiday Family Relay
  Make feathers from construction paper and have them to write what they are thankful for on each feather.
Here is an idea for that Halloween pumpkin before it finally expires.
 Use it for cold drinks for the kids.  They will love getting juice boxes and other drinks from this carved out pumpkin.
 It can also be used for extra ice for your guests.
I love these turkeys from Our Best Bites.  They would be so cute sitting on the table and other places around the kitchen and dining room.  They are simple to make with Oreo cookies, mini Reese cups, Malt balls, candy corn, and frosting.  Go to the above link for instructions.

Fun Ties for men and Tying Instructions

 I love designing neckties and I always enjoy checking out  the ties men are wearing.  Here are my newest neckties. There are ties for teachers, chefs, new dads, paramedics, pastors, and even one for men who love clowns.
 Novelty neckties that are great conversation starters.  Now you can put a smile on everyone's face.  They make great Christmas gifts or a fun tie for a boyfriend, husband, uncle, father in law, dad, or friend.
Christmas Skull Tie
Christmas Skull Tie by cooltees
Shop for Merry christmas Ties online at

Red and Green Christmas Tie
Red and Green Christmas Tie by cooltees
See here for Ties

Pink Christmas Bulb Tie
Pink Christmas Bulb Tie by cooltees
Check out these Ties at Zazzle

25th Anniversary Necktie
25th Anniversary Necktie by cooltees
Look at another Tie
Peacock Feathers Tie
Peacock Feathers Tie by cooltees
Shop for another Zazzle Tie
Clown Tie
Clown Tie by cooltees
Shop for Custom Ties online at

Never Give Up Tie
Never Give Up Tie by cooltees
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Pastor Tie
Pastor Tie by cooltees
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Pet Paws Tie
Pet Paws Tie by cooltees
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Buck Fever Neck Ties
Buck Fever Neck Ties by cooltees
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Fully Rely on God Custom Ties
Fully Rely on God Custom Ties by cooltees
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Well seasoned chef ties
Well seasoned chef ties by cooltees
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Never Trust a Skinny Chef Neckwear
Never Trust a Skinny Chef Neckwear by cooltees
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Funny I Love Cows Necktie
Funny I Love Cows Necktie by cooltees
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Funny School Bus Driver Neckwear
Funny School Bus Driver Neckwear by cooltees
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Tying a Necktie: Four-in-Hand Knot

Tying a Necktie: The Four-in-Hand Knot is the most popular type of necktie knot and easiest to learn, probably over 80% of tie wearers knot their ties with this. The knot is long and straight but slightly lopsided.

Tying a Necktie Four-in-Hand Knot

Saving Money at the Grocery Store

 I  love to save money at the grocery store, but I have learned that you need to have a plan in place to save the most money.
 Grocery stores spend a lot money to research ways to get you to put extra food in your grocery cart.  Don't let them outsmart you.  Stick to your grocery plan.
Make your grocery list using weekly ads or go online and find what is on sale at your favorite store for the week. Be sure to note the day the sale ends. I shop several stores in town because we have local grocers that have deals the larger stores don't have. Also remember stores like Dollar General that have great prices on grocery items.
 Recently they had a sale on can goods for 50 cents so I bought 20 cans of corn, peas, green beans, and mixed vegetables.
  Sales run in cycles so stock up enough to last until the item goes back on sale.
 I Keep a Notebook in my purse with the grocery stores listed  and the sale items  under the name.  I also put the sale price in parentheses.  I pulled my list out the other day to tell my niece who had mayo on sale and how much it cost.

I will use coupons if I happen to have them but I don't purposely look for them. It doesn't make sense to buy 20 bottles of mustard because you can get it for a few pennies with a coupon.
 I want to save on items that can be used, and I want a well stocked pantry. Honestly, who has room for all that stuff?  If I see a good coupon online I can't resist, I will print it.  Most of my coupons come in the food I buy or something that comes in the mail.  I don't have  time to run down coupons.  If I have them, they are an added bonus.
  Stocking up is the secret to saving on groceries.  Don't buy anything unless it is on sale.
 Plan your grocery list with sale items and plan your menu around the food in your pantry and freezer.
I find it very important to use a notebook or smart phone to  list the stores you visit  and what you need from that store.  This is so helpful keep you from impulse buying and this way you never forget what you need.

The Jacket I Almost Didn't Buy

I have always been a cheap thrifty shopper looking for a sale, or a great deal on anything I buy.  I consider it a game and I love to win.
This turquoise jacket was on a clearance rack at Walmart for $5.00   My first thought was I have absolutely nothing to go with it.

I loved the 3/4 length shirred sleeves, and the fact that it would be a good piece for travel since it wouldn't easily wrinkle.

So I bit the bullet and bought it.  I have been surprised to find how many pieces go with this jacket. Everyone tells me it is my color so it makes me feel good when I wear it.
Well of course it goes with a white shirt, but look what a difference the perfect piece of jewelry makes. A light blue t shirt would look good or a graphic tee.
Then I found a dress that went with the jacket.

The necklace really pulls it together.  You can change the look more by wearing a belt.
But then I went to the thrift store and found this sweater that was the perfect match.
This photo doesn't do this sweater justice.  It is beautiful and matches the jacket perfect. All I wear with this set is a pair of turquoise earrings.
 The sweater was $3.50 with my 10% discount.  So this set cost me $8.50. I wear this with black pants and dress black shoes.  I'm so glad I took a chance on the jacket because I have had a lot of fun finding tops to go with it and I'm not done yet.  When I go thrift shopping I keep it and all my jackets in mind when looking for tops.

10 Tips To Make You a Thrift Store Rock Star

English: Goodwill Industries thrift shop, 4193...

 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
 I love to save money and Goodwill is a great way to do that.  Make it a game to see how much you can save. Here are  several tips that will help as you begin your thrifting journey.

1-Take a shopping bag in the thrift shop instead of  using a cart.  It can speed up the process and make it easier to navigate the tight aisles of a thrift store. If you need a cart, park it near the aisle and  take your items to it as you choose them.

2-  Evaluate each piece before checkout to make sure this is what you need or   want.  Also double check for stains, holes, are the  buttons all there, make sure zippers work properly and is there any discoloration anywhere.

3- Shop thrift shops in the upper middle class part of town.  They usually have better quality clothes and they have clothes that most of us  need for work or leisure. Don't discount the smaller towns though, my favorite store is in a small town.  It is awesome.

4- Thrift clothing has already been washed by the previous owner, therefore it won't shrink. A definite money saver.  I have washed so many new clothes to have them shrink 2 sizes.

5- Set a budget and stick to it.  Since things are more affordable, it seems acceptable to buy more than you normally would.

6- Shop seasonally.  After Christmas people will be making room for new items, After spring cleaning people donate.  Go to thrift shops right after peak time when everyone clears out their closets.  The changing of the seasons is one of the best times.  You may have to buy an item out of season but you will have it  washed and ready when it's time to wear it.

 7- Have at least 2 items in mind that you are shopping for.   Always have a plan  so you don't end up with regrets.  I have a running list that has about 10 items that I am looking for.

 8- Shop Goodwill online for lots of name brand items.  I hate paying shipping because it adds to the cost,and  I find the best deals by going to Goodwill.    I love the hunt.

9- Look for tags and original packaging.  Thrift shops sometimes get  overstock from large stores.  Many times I have seen identical shirts with tags.

10- To get that "thrift" smell out of clothes, add one cup of vinegar to the wash.  I also spray everything with Febreeze.  I sometimes spray them with a perfume I'm tired of but still like.

Another plus to thrift store shopping is, that most likely, you won't walk into a room with someone wearing the same thing you have on.  I once went to a function where 3 women were wearing the same dress. It must have been embarrassing for all. I know it was for me, because I was one of the three ladies wearing the dress.

Closet Organization Tips and Tricks

This week I organized my closet again.  (See my before closet in this post)
I arranged my clothes by colors,but I also wanted to to make them more functional.  I love the added space I have now and  everything is more  accessible.

On the top shelves I used 2 racks like this to maximize the space. I  stacked clear containers on one of the racks and the other rack I flipped upside down to hold my pocketbooks.  I have seen shelf racks made for this but mine worked just fine.

Under my hanging clothes I put a 3 compartment clear drawer for my sweaters and t shirts.  I also switched to slim velvet clothes hangers.  As you can see in the makeover, my clothes look so neat and I couldn't believe the space it saved.  I have a super small closet so every inch counts. 

Here are some closet organizing tips that have worked well for me.

  • I would never use a organizing system in my closet.  Here is the reason why.  Most of the shelves do not make good use of the space.  The shoe organizer never has enough room for those of us who love shoes, and anyway, who wants smelly shoes hanging out with our fresh clothes. Our needs change, so why not use baskets and storage bins that can be changed as necessary. 
  • Use clear bins to store everything.  I went to this system years ago and love that I can see what is in it without pulling it out or opening it.  It is a real time saver.
  • Put a hook beside your closet to hang the next days clothes.  Pick out 3 or 4 pieces for easy access in the morning.
  • Keep your most used clothes and accessories where they are easy to get to.  Put out of season and less used things on the top shelf of your closet.  Keep a light stool nearby so you can reach them easily.
  • Hang most of your clothes.  If you can't see your clothes, you are less likely to wear them.
  •  Keep organized with these rod organizer labels from Amazon.  There are 12 plastic dividers and 60 labels.  These are great for kids clothes.  You can separate clothes that can be worn to play in and clothes that are for school.  This way your kids can see which clothes they are able to play in and which clothes must be saved for other occasions.

 I am so excited about my newly designed closet.  I feel like I have clothes to wear to any event. It is less stressful knowing I have so many choices and can dress quickly.
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