Fun Summer T Shirts for Women and Kids

Summer is around the corner and visions of the beach and vacations come to mind.  It's time to start planning what fun t shirts you want to wear.  This is my Fun Tee Collection just in time for Summer
This is a sample of the many summer tees I have at Cool Tees.  Visit Me at Cool Tees  for lots of cool gift ideas for everyone.

Fun House Warming Gift

For a house warming shower recently, I needed a gift for a lady at my church. Don't we all want to give gifts that are useful but not a replica other gifts? I saw  this idea on pinterest and loved it.  This is step by step instructions of how  this gift was made.

What To Buy

  • 12 Pack Toilet Tissue
  • 1 Roll Paper Towels
  •  Lysol Wipes
  • Box Dryer Sheets
  • Dish Washing Liquid
  • Soft Scrub
  • Scrubbing wand
  •  Sponges
  • Glade Spray
  • Disinfectant Cleaner 
  • Toilet Plunger
  • Large clear bag (for baskets)
  • Bow (2 pack is best)
You can choose your own products but make sure there is enough to circle the paper towels. 
Put the toilet tissue in the bottom of the clear bag.  Use masking tape to center the paper towels on top of it. Circle the towels with your products using masking tape to keep them in place.
Put the plunger in the center of the paper towels.  Put the clear wrap up to the plunger.  I used floral tape to secure it,  and taped the lose ends with clear tape.
This is a big gift so it needs a big bow.
The cost was around $30 with the cost of paper and bow.  You can come out cheaper using things from Dollar Tree but I wanted name brand toilet paper and paper towels so I got everything from Wal Mart. Also this gift can be given by two people to cut the cost. 

New Mom Gift with Printable Label

My Sweet Niece just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl that she named Selah Grace.  Our family is huge and this is our first baby in a while on my husbands side of the family so she  had a lot of company.
 Everyone is bringing food, books for the baby, and lots of unique gifts for mom and the baby.  When I heard their freezer was packed I decided to go in a different direction.  I made Krista a survival kit with things I knew she would like.  Here is a photo:
  Here is a list of the items  used

  • The base is a galvanized serving tray with open handles.   It was purchased from Wal Mart...I love it!!!  Just add items you know the new mom loves. You have to shuffle them around until you get the look you want.  
  •  Soft spa socks
  •  Small Yankee candle, lemon cupcake scent ( Krista loves cupcakes)
  •  Pioneer woman kitchen towels
  • Favorite body wash ( She was about to send her husband to get more because she was out)
  • Bugles, because everyone loves bugles.  
  • Lemon Oreo Thins ( If you haven't tried the lemon, there are no words)
  • Nail polish  that matched her spa socks, just for fun
  • Candy I chose her favorite Reese Peanut Butter minis, a box of peanut M&M's. 
  •  Beautiful Necklace and Matching Earrings
I made a circle label with the words Krista's Survival Kit and put a crying baby in the center.  

I'm sharing the label with you but changed the name to  new mom's label so you can use for any gift basket you make.
Free Printable Label


  1. Click on label
  2. Print on card stock, white is best  
  3. Carefully cut the circle out.  
  4. Center and glue to the basket. 
 Another option is to use a  hole punch and tie on baskets with a ribbon.  Please share pictures of baskets you have made.  If you use this label, show me how you used it.  I love to see how people are using my free printables.    Enjoy!

11 Date Night Ideas that are Easy, Fun, and Cheap

1. OK, some of the ideas are daytime dates, but the time is not important.  Anytime  you can carve out some time to be with your sweetie, that is certainly a date.  My husband and I had an hour date Sunday afternoon.  It was spontaneous and fun.  We jumped in the car, grabbed a milkshake from CookOut and headed to the local lake. 
2.  If you have ducks at the lake, buy cheap loaf of bread to feed them.  We have done this for years.
3Sunday is a good day for us.  Instead of sleeping after church, we can have some special time together.  The next date will be in a town 15 minutes from us.  It has a great state park.  We can swing by Sonic and get a blue ocean slush with nerds(Yummy) and head to the park.  (We are going to check out the cabins they rent for a future mini vacation).
4Walking your dogs by moonlight.  This is so much fun and very romantic( if the dogs stay calm).
5. We have alot of deer on our property.  I love to sit with my hubby in the swing and use a flashlight to count them (by their shiny eyes). We counted 12 the other night.
6.  Bonfires are a great way to get outside  and burn some of that wood you have had forever.  You can also roast  hotdogs or marshmallows.  If you don't have wood, this is a good time burn  trash that needs to go.
 7.  Put on some oldies music and reminiscence about meeting each other.  You may get him to dance if the kids are already in bed. 
8.  Double date with friends you haven't seen in a while.  This may take a little money but it is always fun to reconnect with old friends.
9.  Prepare a meal together, or let him cook for you.  My husband is a wonderful cook and it is a treat when he rattles the pots and pans. 
10.  Pull out your wedding pictures or old family photos and take a walk down memory lane. He will enjoy it more than you think.
11Don't forget gift cards you got for Christmas and birthdays.  We have a LongHorn Steakhouse card for $50.  The nearest restaurant is an hour away so this will be a super date night treat. 

It doesn't take a lot of money to make lasting  memories with your husband.  The important thing is to do something different. Turn off the TV and schedule time together at least once a month. 
It's easy to have fun, inexpensive date nights. 
 Please share how you and your spouse do date night! 

Baby Girl Candy Wrapper With Instructions

 Cute Candy Bar Wrapper to use as a favor for baby showers. Print out one for each of your guests.
This Wrapper fits a Hershey Candy Bar. Click on wrapper Print and Cut. Position Wrapper with the Pink Frame on the front of the candy.  Wrap around the bar and  Run a glue stick on the top of wrapper where it says glue line.

*Keep the original wrapper on the bar.  You can wrap it with a thin foil before putting on the wrapper.  I use foil wrapping paper.  You can use silver, gold, or pink.

Custom Ornaments for Christmas

  I have Christmas ornaments and much more for sale on Zazzle. Here are ornaments for nurses, family, farmers, boyfriends, daughters, sons, and much more.  If you don't see what you want Email:  
Adorable Penguin Ornament that is sure to please the penguin lover in your family, or your friends and co workers.

Do you have a family or couple who is hard to buy for?  Add the family name to this loving snow couple for the perfect Christmas gift.  It is sure to be treasured for years.  Remember to write your name and the year on the back with a permanent marker.  We are so glad we have done this through the years.
Add any text or name to this ornament.  It can be family or for one person.  Add the year for a keepsake ornament.

Personalized Rn Nurse Ornament

Personalized Rn Nurse Ornament

 Great personalized nurse ornament for your favorite registered nurse.   Add nurses name for a one of a kind Christmas gift.  Get one for your whole staff.  They will love them.

Personalized CNA Nurse Ornament

Personalized CNA Nurse Ornament

Show a certified Nursing Assistant how proud you are of her, or him, with this cna ornament.  Add the name of the nurse, and don't forget your cna staff.  Great gift for them too.
World's Greatest DaughterChristmas Ornament

World's Greatest DaughterChristmas Ornament

Beautiful Ornament for our sweet daughters.  Ornament has world's greatest daughter. Make her Christmas extra special with this show of love.
Santa World's Greatest Daughter Ceramic Ornament

Santa World's Greatest Daughter Ceramic Ornament

 I love this Santa ornament with his red suit and black belt.  Your special daughter, young or older will love this cute holiday ornament with World's greatest daughter on Santa's beard.

Great ornament for the world's greatest son, yours.  Simple but eye catching with the red and green holly.
Green Tractor Farmer Ceramic Ornament

Green Tractor Farmer Ceramic Ornament

Are you in a family of farmers? This official farmer ornament is sure to get a smile.  Design has a green tractor along with this humorous quote.
Fishing With My Boyfriend Ceramic Ornament

Fishing With My Boyfriend Ceramic Ornament

If you love fishing with your boyfriend, he will love getting this special ornament for his Christmas tree. Design has a fishing hook and the words fishing has a water background.  Perfect Christmas gift for your perfect boyfriend.

I'd Rather Be Hunting with My Husband Ceramic Ornament

I'd Rather Be Hunting with My Husband Ceramic Ornament

If you and your husband love to hunt together, this ornament is a wonderful gift to show your appreciation for your time together.  The word hunting has a camo background.  Loving gift for a loving husband.

To receive your order by Christmas (standard shipping), please order no later than December 18th.

Tips for Beautiful Hair

I love trying new hair styles and sometimes I get a little excited when I schedule a cut.   Everyone knows hairstylists love to cut's what they do.  So last week I gave my stylist permission to cut off most of my hair.  I love the style but I'm not used to having my hair this short and neither is my husband. So this is how I came up with the following tip.

 If you cut your hair shorter than you like, when it gets to that sweet spot that you simply love, take a photo with your cell phone.  When you go back to your stylist, you have the exact look you want with your face, not a celebrity or hair style magazine photo. I've shared this idea with alot of friends and they loved it.

When you wash your hair and towel dry, just blot your hair, never fluff it with the towel.   Pets love to be fluffed after a bath, our hair, not so much.  It can break your hair and cause frizz.  It takes longer to blot but it's worth it to keep breakage and frizzy hair in check.

Got the static in your hair?  After putting lotion on your hands, run them over your hair and it will prevent your hair from being out of control.

This is  my favorite tip. If you have limp hair that is hard to style (like me), flip your hair upside down to blow dry. When dry,  tease the roots gently with a fine tooth comb and use your fingers to style your hair.  This keeps you from combing or brushing out all of the volume.
  I tease and spray with hair spray and let it completely dry.  My hair looks like an explosion took place but when you get it tamed, it looks awesome.  When my kids were young, one morning I almost walked out with my teased hair. My son said mom, look at your hair.  We had the biggest laugh about my big hair. 

Let me know what works for you when styling your hair.  I love trying new hair products and I love any tip that makes it easier to get from zero to fabulous.

Weight Loss Goals

As of today I have lost 46 pounds.  I have kept the weight off for 2 years but I am spinning my wheels and not able to lose the other 40 pounds I need to lose so.....I joined a 90 day low carb challenge started by lowcarbtravelor.   Here's the link

The Challenge started yesterday so I am 2 days in.  I decided to go back to low carb eating because my food cravings are terrible.  I had been watching everything I eat but I wasn't losing weight.
I can tell when sugar creeps back in my diet because I can eat and eat and never I'm never satisfied.  You remember the commercial, bet you can't eat just one, well that was my current situation.

It will take me a few days to get my system back to the point that my cravings are under control.  I had been eating lots of fruits and realized that even natural sugar is sugar.  So I am so longer indulging  in natures candy bars. 
 If I eat fruit it is cantaloupe and strawberries because they are the lowest in carbs.  But still I don't grab a big bowl of them like I used to. Blueberries are pretty high so I just grab a handful for salads and etc.
Visit the link above and join me in the challenge. Visit this post for Great Low Carb Sites.  I can't wait to see where I will be in 3 months.  It would love to see that 40 lbs gone by October.
Keep checking my blog for my results.
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