Graduation Gift Ideas

I have a lot of friends graduating this year from nursing school, high school, and college. I have been looking for graduation gift ideas and parties.  Here are some really cute graduation gifts I found.
This is one graduation gift I have never seen before. Absolutely clever idea and one sure to please, no matter the age.
 I have always thought these bottles that look like they came with the gifts inside are just the cutest. A slit in the side is used to get the gifts inside.  You can use the original label or make your own custom label.
I really like this box decorated like a graduation cap.  It is perfect for graduation cards and money.There are probably a lot more ideas  that can be done with this box
Sometimes the most simple things are so cute.  I would use 2 ribbons with the school colors and also wrap them in a clear wrap.  They would be great to give as favors if they are wrapped.

Here are a few nursing graduation party invitations:

Custom Pharmacist Graduation Invitation
Custom Pharmacist Graduation Invitation by cooltees
Find more Pharmacist Invitations at Zazzle
Here's a clever idea to make tassels that match your school colors. This is for a tassel necklace but it would work well for graduation decorations.

Easy Ways to Save Money

   I have listed some of the best tips to save money using your smart phone. These money saving tips are easy to do and will save you a ton of money.
I just got my first smart phone for Christmas.  This site lists great apps to save money.  My kids know all the tricks and are teaching me...s.l.o.w.l.y.

This app, Color Note, is one my daughter told me about. I can not express how awesome this app is.  I save everything on it.  I do my weekly grocery list on it.  As you pick things up in the grocery store, you x them off.  You can remove them or save them as a master list.   Love, love, love. 
Some of my checklists include:
  • A list of our clothing sizes, 
  • what I need when I go to Goodwill
  • My Walmart shopping list
  • Grocery List
  • My personal prayer list
  • Each Store I shop has a check list to add needed items
  • Household items I need and measurements
  And this is just a partial list.  Did I say how much I love this app?
We don't have a Target in our town, but if you shop this store, these are great tips for saving money.
This site explains how to get free products  from Dollar Tree.  I never knew they took coupons but the site said it has just started taking them.  Take a copy of the regulations with you to the store in case the clerk is not familiar with the new rules.

Easy Healthy Desserts

I love trying new low calorie, low fat, and low sugar desserts while I'm trying to lose weight.
 I try to find easy dessert recipes that include fruit. Here are some I have tried and love and some I'm going to try and know I will love.

I can't wait to try these with  fresh blueberries from our blueberry bush.  I made them with frozen berries and they were good, but I know the fresh ones won't have the the tough peeling the frozen ones sometimes have.   Not all of them are tough but it is annoying to have to deal with the tough skins. 
 Also, it is a pain to dip each blueberry with a toothpick, so I put the blueberries in the yogurt, stirred,  and used two plastic spoons to make  small balls.  It worked like a charm.  I also did the same thing with strawberries. It's so refreshing and delicious.
I love these homemade ice cream sandwiches.  I made a batch tonight.  I take a fork and mash the strawberries up before adding them to the cool whip.  I squish the insides a little to help cover the whole cracker.  Then I take a spoon and even out all 4 sides,  and freeze. I saw these made with a little yogurt with the cool whip.  I think that would make them creamier.  If they get any better, it won't be a good thing.  Love them!
Oh my goodness I've had frozen grapes, but this is a twist I think I could really like grapes dusted with jello. Artificial sweeteners are getting alot of negative attention.  You could use sugar free, but it takes such a small amount of jello to dust the grapes, I don't think it would make a huge difference if regular jello is used.  This is a must try recipe.
Love this easy recipe for parfait.  It doesn't get any better than fruit and oatmeal.  Recipe can be changed to put your favorite goodies in this good for you dessert. 
Oh my goodness how I love caramel.  These look divine and that's why I can't make them.  I know my self control good enough to know these are dangerous. If you can pace yourself, go for it. It has marshmallow, graham crackers, and  skinny cow cookies.

Useful Household Tips You Probably Never thought of

 This is such a great idea to get the foil to fit your pan.  Cover the bottom of the pan with foil.  Flip the pan over and place foil inside.   The perfect fit.
This is so incredibly easy it makes one think, why didn't I think of cutting an orange like this. source

I love press and seal and there are hundreds of ways to use this paper.  It is great to wrap plates that are going to parties and especially a dish with a dip container.

 Love this  idea.  You can save a lot of money on green onions by doing this.  Green onions add extra  flavor to many dishes.

I've had irons I have wanted to throw away because they were so grungy looking.  By using baking soda and water, you can make it look brand new...and who doesn't love anything new.  
 I love wreaths and this one was super cheap to make. The circle of the wreath is a pool noodle. Totally Genius! Visit this site to get complete details.
How smart is this?  Cutting Ice cream instead of scooping  at birthday parties.  Saves time and wrists.

Free Printable Easter Candy Wrapper

Here is a free printable for Easter.  Print the candy bar wrapper and wrap around a regular size Hershey candy bar.  Always leave the original wrapper on the candy bar. These are great as for Easter Egg hunts to give the winner of the prize egg.  Also print them out for Sunday school classes and children's groups.
 Here are the complete instructions to make your 

Instructions for Wrapping Candy Bars

  Click on the picture and print. To assemble the bar, wrap a
regular size Hershey bar with foil. Leave original wrapper intact.

(you use may use a pretty gift wrap instead of foil)
 Fold the ends like you would a gift.
 Wrap the candy wrapper around the foil
wrapped bar, making sure the nutrition facts are on the back.
 Using a glue stick, run a line at the top of the wrapper. Then join the sides together. 

Free Printable Baby Shower Candy Bar Wrappers

Enjoy these printable baby shower candy bar wrappers,  There is one for boys and another for girls.  These baby shower candy bar wrappers make great favors for your guests.  These are worded so they will work for anyone. 
 If you need a personalized baby shower candy wrapper, contact me and I will put your personal info on the wrapper and email it to you.  This will be free until the end of the month of February 2015.

Free Girls Baby Shower Candy Wrappers

One day while trying to organize my blog, I deleted several candy wrappers by mistake.  I am trying to figure out which ones were missing.  I will be replacing many of these wrappers and making some new ones too.  Thanks to Joan for emailing and asking about a candy wrapper.  I didn't realize there were so many.

 Instructions for Wrapping Candy Bars

  Click on the picture and print. To assemble the bar, wrap a
regular size Hershey bar with foil. Leave original wrapper intact.

(you use may use a pretty gift wrap instead of foil)
 Fold the ends like you would a gift.
 Wrap the candy wrapper around the foil
wrapped bar, making sure the nutrition facts are on the back.
 Using a glue stick, run a line at the top of the wrapper. Then join the sides together.

Weight Loss For January

As promised, I'm posting the progress of my weight loss each month. 
 I didn't meet my 6 pound per month goal this month, but I did lose 3 pounds.  Never mind...weighed again and it was back.  Can't even get my post up before the weight is back
 In my defense, we have had a lot going on in my family.
   My nephew and his wife welcomed a new baby girl. What a joy she is. The delivery was smooth, well, as smooth as a delivery can be. My daughter was there when the baby was born.  I know it was special moment for her to see her cousin born.
On the negative side, we had a death in our family.  Another nephew's wife died.  It was an awful tragedy, the kind that stays with you all day long.  Only 47 and gone. 
Susan was the kind of person that everyone remembers.  She was a judge at many beauty pageants and traveled all over the United States with her beautiful daughter who has won many titles.  Her goal was see her daughter in the Miss America pageant. I don't know if my great niece will continue without her mom.  They were so very close.  Love and hug on your family each day because we never know.
Today is February 1, so here's to another month, and another try at weight loss.
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