How To Make Professional Looking Gift Baskets

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There are a few simple steps that anyone can follow to make a gift basket that will be remembered for years.Here are some things to keep in mind when you are preparing a basket for gift giving:
The basket size and design is very important. If the basket is too large it can be very tricky to fill it until you have mastered the basics. The design of the basket is also important, see if you can find one that fits the theme of the ingredients. One year I found a pumpkin basket that I added sparkling water and wine glasses to with a few other small items and it was a hit. Keep your eyes open for unique baskets and sales. Don't forget the craft stores, they have a great variety.

2. You need a focal point for the basket. Something that draws the eye immediately. Colorful matching mugs and coasters, teddy bears,totes,and even rolled t-shirts with the design showing can be great focal items. Then choose small items that will be used as fillers.If you are into candy wrapping, you can make candy bars that match the color and theme of your basket.

3. Next, fill the basket to the top with excelsior (Straw looking filler found in craft stores). You can use newspaper because it will be hidden when you finish. I use newspaper and then put a thin layer of the excelsior over the paper.

4. Now for the fun part. Start placing your gifts into the basket. Play with them until you get them like you want. Try several different positions with the items, you can always change it. Once you have everything in place,use shredded paper that matches the colors of your gifts or your basket.Be sure to fill in all the gaps with the shredded paper. This step really gives it that professional look.

5. Now use a basket bag or sheet cellophane wrap to cover the basket. Leave a long tail at the top of the basket. Tie it off with a rubber can cut it off once you tie ribbon and a bow at the top.

6. Now one of the most important steps of basket making is the ribbon and bow. You can break the whole look with a undesirable bows. If you can't make bows, look on the internet, there are several sites that teach bow making. If you can't make a bow, you can buy some very nice bows at craft stores and in craft departments. Remember that presentation is everything. That bow and ribbon need to make a strong statement.

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