White Lunch Bags as Treat Bags

Have you ever thought of using a white lunch bag for a kids birthday party Treat bag? Here are the steps to designing the perfect treat bag:
  • Pick a design you want on your bag using a graphics program like Publisher, Printshop, or Paint shop Pro. 
  • You can put child's name or a hobby they love on the bag.
  •   Next  cut the uneven top off so it won't get hung up in the printer.
  • Print the design onto the lunch bag. It may take a couple of tries before you get placement right, but you can use the back to practice on.
  • Once it is set up, print your one of a kind party bag.
  •  Fill with treats 
  • Use a paper punch to make 2 holes,thread ribbon and tie a bow. Now watch the birthday girl or boy beam with pride for having such cool treat bags for their guests.

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