Congratulations Paint Can Gift

Gift Paint Cans? Yes, you can make a one of a kind gift from a paint can. I made this can for a friend, but you can make your own paint can template. Of course you will want to buy a clean paint can from a hardware store,then Google to find a website that has paint can templates. Some have designs that you can just print out. If you have a creative touch, you can design your own. Be sure to check our free printables for paint cans.
After you print your template, cut it out and use a glue stick or double sided tape on the side and place on your can. Design a top for the can by using a circle template. You can add many items to the can and then wrap in clear wrap.

 At Christmas, I fill the my cans with a sugar cookie mix, a couple of cute cookie cutters,cookie sprinkles and a Christmas kitchen towel and hot pad. This makes a great gift to give a family.

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