Hoop Cheese Box Wedding Gift

For a unique gift you can use a hoop cheese box and fill it with items for the bride and groom. You can leave it in its natural state or paint it.  Many meat departments have them if you will ask them to save one for you.
  • Fill it to the top with newspaper or excellsor.
  •  Place a wine bottle or sparkling water in the center. 
  • Add  2 wine glasses filling them with chocolates (If you do candy wrapping, you can customize with wedding couples name or a Monogram.
  •  A candle can be added, but be careful mixing food and candles. You may want to add artificial flowers or grapes to really make it stand out. 
  • The next step is what really makes the gift stand out.... Cover the entire box in tulle. Take a piece about a yard long and gather it all to the center. When you get everything in place, hold it with a rubber band, then cut the tulle. It will fan out into a big fluffy bow. Guaranteed to be a hit. 
Cheese boxes are alot of fun and there are many possibilities.  Play around with the items you put in the box, changing them around, until you get the design you want.
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