Gift for College Students


Don’t limit your gift “baskets” to just wicker baskets. 
For students heading to college, use a large clear container with useful items they can use in the dorm. Some suggestions include
  •  a clock
  •  plug in room deodorizers
  •  a throw rug
  •  small pillow
  •  towels,washcloths
  •  liquid soap
  •  picture frames
 Roll the sweatshirt so the college name shows and put it in the front. This will be your focus item. You can add small items on the side that will show. Play with the items until you get the desired look. 
Have a large container that is hard to gift wrap?  Buy a coordinating tablecloth ($1) and gather at the top with a rubber band (it will look like a ponytail.   Cut the excess you have a fluffy bow.
Check out our Teen Shoppe for great gift ideas for college students.

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