Easter Bunny Paint Can

Want a unique Easter Basket for your little one this year? Why not make one from a paint can. You can find templates for them on several websites. These are great for Easter egg hunts too.
 Once you have your template, you can put an Easter graphic on it. Grass and a blue sky, ducks,bunnies, or you can put a face on it like I did. This one is simple to make in psp or other graphics software. I use double sided tape on each end and place it on the paint can.
Be sure to get the template for the circle top and put Easter graphics on it also. I bought a pair of bunny ears from a dollar store. Put them to the back of the can and push the ears up. These are a perfect fit on the cans. Fill with grass and fill with Easter goodies for your little one. This Paint can is sure to be a hit with any little girl.

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