Pink Stephoscope Nurse Paint Can

This nurse's gift paint can is designed like a scrub uniform  with a Stethoscope.   It is filled with lots of  practical gifts nurses  love including:
  •  hand sanitizer 
  •  a pen
  •  notebook 
  •  M & M candy 
  •  hand lotion 
  •  candy bar  
  You can personalize it even further by putting the nurses name on the can. 
For other great gift ideas check out I Love being a Nurse at Enchanted Designs. There are many other useful gifts that could be put in Paint cans such as a rolled up Nurses T Shirt, a mug, buttons, and keyrings.


Bamanurse said...

This is great. Is it possible to get the template?

Gifts That Say Wow said...

I bought this template and it can't be resold or given away. If you do a google search, I'm sure you can probably find a template. Wish I could help you more.

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