Girls Baby Shower Gift Can

This is a paint can for a baby girl and makes a great baby shower gift. I took this picture so you can see the products inside. There are alot of items that can be added to a baby paint can. Some I have in this one are

  •   baby shoes
  •  a pacifier 
  •  small bottle  of baby oil
  •  baby lotion
  •  baby powder
  The outside of the can is done in pink gingham and has the graphic of a pacifier. There are so many items that can be put into cans for baby shower gifts. Onsies, bibs, infant t-shirts are just a few of the gift items that can be folded and placed in the can.
Laminating your can wrapper before putting it on your can really gives it a professional look. Just laminate on one side by putting the the back and front label together(print side out) and running through a laminating machine. You can then separate them and glue onto the can.

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