Expecting Mom Paint Can

Gifts for baby boys are such a challenge. It seems so hard to   find unique baby gifts for boys  . Here is a paint can craft for a mom to be. It is blue which is great for boys (and girls too). The handles have blue beads. You can also add a finishing touch with a blue bow on the handle.When you decide on a pattern for your can.
Here are the instructions for making a paint can gift:

  • Carefully cut out the template for the gallon can. 
  • Use a 1 inch paper punch to cut out the holes for the paint handles.
  • Line it up to fit the holes and punch. You will have the perfect half circle.
    Use glue or double sided tape on the sides that have the handle holes.
  •  Position on the can before the glue dries..The double sided tape works best. It can be repositioned several times if you use much care.On the lid, use glue. Put it completely on the sides and make a big X in the middle. The sides will lay flat and there will be glue in the middle for extra hold.
  • Pack it full of gifts for new mom

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