Baby Bank Made From Toostie Roll Container

This cute little bunny bank is inexpensive to make is a perfect for a one of a kind gift for baby showers. Buy a Toostie Roll bank.  Most dollar stores carry them  

  • Measure the bank's width and length and make a template that size. Use publisher, psp, printmaster, photoshop. or a free online graphics program.
  •  add a background, graphics, or the baby's name, or come up with a clever name for the bank. Since I put a bunny on mine, I named it bunny bank.
  •  When you decide on the graphics and make your bank cover, you can then cut the template out. Just glue one end and place it on the bank.
This is a fun project , but the best part is when they open it, it has a baby onesie inside.
You can roll a onesie, bib, or t-shirt and put inside the bank. Cute surprise for the mom to be.
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Neenee said...

Hi Patricia
Thank you for visiting & commenting on my blog, The Krazy Kraft Lady.
You have some wonderful gift ideas on Gifts That Say Wow- a perfect name for this site! I've bookmarked you!


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