Great Wedding Tips

1. Spend more on an inherently beautiful space,
you'll spend less on decorations.
2. Put the start time for your wedding one half
hour earlier than you intend to start. This
works great for the guests that are always late .
3. Make your centerpieces with flowers from a
local garden center. Buy flats of flowers that
match your color scheme. Buy flower pots and
spray paint with your wedding colors. Put 2 or 3
flowers in a pot. Co-ordinate with beautiful ribbons
tied around the pots.
You can place several together as the
centerpiece..after the wedding, give them as
wedding favors.
4.Stumped for a wedding theme? How about a favorite
movie you two like, a song, a favorite vacation, or
a period of time like the roaring 20's for example.
Almost anything the two of
you love can be used as a theme for your wedding.
5.Tricky but money saving tip...have an elegant
wedding cake made with fake layers using Styrofoam,
and also real layers. During the cake cutting ceremony,
you will of course cut the real layers. A less costly
sheet cake from the kitchen can also be used to serve
your guests.
6. Visit Enchanted Designs for great wedding attendant gifts.
and keepsake gifts for the bride and groom. Unique coasters, totes,
and t-shirts for each team member.

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