My Dining Room Day 31

I saved my dining room for the final day of the August Challenge. This room looked like a battleground yesterday. It really didn't take as much to clean up as I thought. Once I bagged all the stuff to give away, everything fell in place. I am so proud of my dining room. Now we can actually eat there. I'm looking for a new tablecloth to match, but for now, it is a drastic improvement. I switched curtains from my bedroom and dining room, and Wow what a difference.

What I've learned in the past 31 days
  • Just a little picking up daily saves a lot of time down the road.
  • A clean house lifts your spirit.
  • My life feels more organized.
  • No cleaning project can intimidate me.
  • I'm setting a good example for my family.
It has been a wonderful 31 days. I have learned a lot and my family and I are reaping the benefits. I want to thank Marcia (Organizing Queen) for
the challenge. If you haven't been to her website, you are missing out on a chance to get your house in order. Also I want to thank Marcia (HD Crafts) for her encouragement all along the way. If I had not seen her blog about the challenge, my house would still look the same.
It doesn't stop here, I still have decluttering plans for a few more places I didn't have time to get to. Try is fun....honest!!


Amber said...

You have done such a great job!! You must feel so much better everytime you walk into a room!! I think I might make decluttering my Sept goal. I just feel so overwhelmed!!

Gifts That Say Wow said...

Thanks Amber...girl don't let any room intimidate you. I have one that I have dreaded for years, but now I actually look forward to owing that room again. If it's huge, make a goal of a wall a day, or a small section a day. It is so worth every minute it takes.

HDMac said...

I just LOVE it! I LOVE your table!!! FANTASTIC JOB!!!!

You have been such an inspiration to me during this challenge and I appreciate the friendship that we have developed. Love your insights that you continue to share during this challenge!

I certainly look forward to staying in touch and keeping up the challenge! :)

Anonymous said...

Great way to kick "declutter butt!" I have a room that intimidates me and your post has given me a little bit of courage.

I need to hang onto the idea of doing a little every day. It does make a difference. Thanks for sharing this past month.

Marcia said...

Patricia, I love what you said to Amber. A wall a day, a section a day is all it takes.

BTW, I have something for you at my blog!

Marcia from Organising Queen

forgetfulone said...

It looks great! Congratulations on your 31 days of decluttering. I know it feels good. And congratulations on your win!

Trish said...

beautiful--just look at all those gleaming, bare surfaces. Congrats on winning the decluttering challenge, too!

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