Organizing pony beads

It took me a while to organize all of my pony beads but it will be so worth it. I put them all in little zip top clear jewelry bags. You can find these at Hobby Lobby or A C Moore. I buy alot of different sizes because they are so handy for small items if you craft. I have them organized by colors, except one bag of mixed neon colors. This has inspired me so much I'm now looking for crafts that use pony beads. I sure have enough of them to make something. I have so many because I would buy another pack when I went shopping not knowing if I had that color. It will be simple now to just pull out my craft drawer and see if I have that color. I had them in several different places, now they have a home.

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HDMac said...

LOL... I do that too! Not know if I have something or not so I purchase it only to find I have about 15 (exaggeration) of them! lol

Good job! I want to completely rearrange and redo my craft room now that I have been decluttering! I want to get rid of the wall shelves and put in like cubicles that I can put in baskets and storage containers. We are getting there, aren't we?!!

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