Tool/Craft Organizer Day 30

Remember the tool organizer I bought from Lowe's. Well it worked like a charm. I have all the small craft items in it that are so hard to keep up with, small embellishments, flowers, bows, etc. I also put paper clips, push pins, my cloth measuring tapes and the roll up kind too, and my cute wooden cut outs fit in it too. I will have to go back and label all the drawers, I have a few labeled but not all. The picture on top is one I dug up during my cleaning. My son did it in the 6th grade, he's a senior this year....I'm going to frame it and put it above the organizer.

1 comment:

HDMac said...

I love that you have organized the craft storage -- You are going to really enjoy that! And I love your idea of framing your son's artwork! He is going to feel so good about himself! What a fantastic idea!!!
Good job!!!!

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