Declutter Challenge Winners


August was an eye opener for all the ladies who joined the Declutter challenge hosted by Marcia (The Organizing Queen). She lives up to the name, because she is truly the queen of organizing. Marcia from HD crafts and myself were winners of the contest. As all the ladies who joined in, we worked very hard getting our homes into shape. I have said in a previous post, that I have cleaned and organized before, but this time was different. If I took pictures again of the areas I cleaned, you would see they are still clean, something that never happened before. And as my friend Marcia (HD Crafts) said, this is not the end but the beginning. Thanks to all the ladies who kept me motivated during the contest with your kind remarks. You all were my inspiration to keep going. And as Marcia (Organzing Queen)  said, you ALL are winners....and the journey continues.

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HDMac said...

We are all winners! I just love going into my kitchen and preparing dinner and other goodies!! The journey does continue and so many have shared so many great ideas!!!

Glad we are going to continue to be there for one another!!!!

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