Microwave Table

This is an area I decluttered last month. This week end I put shelf liner under my bread box and microwave. I love the way it looks and it really brightens up the whole area. Another declutter project to cross off my list. I have 7 more areas to work on at home and then I'm starting on my Sunday School class. I'm doing the room in frogs. The kids are so excited and everyone wants to help...I have picked two girls that live near by to help. When we finish our room, we are going to hit the supply room (they don't know that yet). This is so addictive. Just because I'm not posting as much, doesn't mean I'm not still hard at work...LOL

1 comment:

HDMac said...

It looks very nice!!! ;) You are doing GREAT! Doesn't it feel good?? Love your plans!!!

Oh.. and LOVED the joke you emailed... tooooo cute! hahaha

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