Snowman Paint Can and Gift Ideas

Here is  a Snowman paint can craft project  I did for Christmas several years ago.  
You can make a snowman face in psp or the graphics program of your choice. I used a snowflake background and put a poem on the back. I bought a pair of earmuffs and removed everything but the part you see and wired them to the paint can. Another idea would be to put the face on the lid. This paint can was really a hit with family and friends. You can fill it with gifts.

 What do you fill it with? Here is what I put in mine:

  •  Carrot cake mix(the bagged cake mixes) 
  •  Canned frosting
  •  Christmas towel set (snowman of course)

 Let your imagination be your guide.


Amber said...

He is very cute!! I love all of the ideas you can do with a simple paint can!

Where do you get your cans at? The cheapest I found them were at Home Depot for $6.00. I think that price is just a little too much.

Gifts That Say Wow said...

Amber, I bought my cans at Ace Hardware for $1.79. That was sometime back so they are probably more now..I buy quite a few at the time.

Amber said...

I think there is an Ace Hardware close by. I will have to check that out! Thanks!!

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