Sophie's Pet Birthday Party

 Debbie Albert made this gorgeous cake for a friend who was throwing a party for her Special little girl.

Sophie The Birthday Girl

   Sophie is  adorable with her party hat and her festive party collar. Sopie's mom had doggie and human guests for the party, The home was decorated with balloons, partygoers ate from party plates and Sopie ended the evening with gifts from friends and family.

One special guest was my doggie cousin Boo. Of course, he is sitting in the middle of all of Sophie's wrapping paper.  Our pets just add so much to our lives ,we all love our pets like family so why not celebrate them like family.

 Enjoying the Party Goodies


1 comment:

Amber said...

What a beautiful cake!!! I love dog parties!! WE have one every year for ours! What fun!

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