Ideas for a Spring Wedding

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The tulips are blooming, the temperatures are rising - what a perfect time for a wedding! Get started planning your spring themed wedding now with these inspiring ideas for spring weddings...
Spring Theme Weddings - Things to Consider
Daylight saving time - In 2008, daylight saving time begins on Sunday March 9th, after which the sun will set an hour later. Keep this date in mind if you envision a sunset outdoor ceremony.
Prom factor - May and June are prime prom months, so be sure to book your transportation and locations early.
Variable weather - spring weather can be unpredictable. An unseasonably warm and sunny Friday can give way to a miserably cold and rainy Saturday. Be prepared for both extremes.
All in the Details - Spring Wedding Ideas
Invitations & Stationery
  • 1. Add a spring motif - such as a tulip or butterfly - to your stationery suite
  • 2. Consider color - use paper or inks in a spring color palette - pastels, greens, etc.
  • 3. Get whimsical - find a fun, flirty font to evoke a festive spring feeling
  • 4. An added touch - insert a sprinkling of silk flowers into each envelope
  • 5. Garden settings abound - take advantage of budding leaves and flowers with botanical gardens, mansions with lush grounds, or another venue with a pristine garden or courtyard.
  • 6. Take it indoors - if an outdoor setting isn't possible - find an indoor venue with panoramic picture windows affording lots of sunlight and a bright airy ambiance.
D├ęcor Elements
  • 7. Color palette - 1) green and white - an elegant accompaniment to a garden setting. 2) yellow and green -another fresh, natural color pairing. 3) preppy - combine hot pink with green or mango (think polka dots and gingham). 4) chocolate brown - this trendy hue works well for spring - pair with pale blue or pink.
  • 8. Go wild with patterns - create a playful effect - think gingham, polka dots, eyelet lace, swiss dots and stripes.
  • 9. Add some greens - grasses and greenery are a natural for outdoor garden settings. Drape over arbors and incorporate in arrangements
  • 10. Seasonal blooms - classics include tulips, daffodils, lilies (especially calla lilies and easter lilies), magnolias, gardenias, hydrangeas, gerbera daisies, apple or cherry blossoms. View our complete list of spring wedding flowers
  • 11. Creative containers - put your arrangements in simple, homespun containers like wicker baskets, watering cans, teapots, or urns.
  • 12. Potted plants - potted arrangements create a natural, organic look. Best of all -you can plant them for a timeless reminder of your wedding
  • 13. In Season - serve a main dish featuring ham or lamb
  • 14. Fresh produce - round out the meal with a bounty of fresh fruits and young vegetables like baby carrots, baby asparagus and new potatoes
  • 15. Elegant sides - serve mini quiches or update traditional deviled eggs by adding salmon or crabmeat
  • 16. Bar favorites - a spring menu seems to call for champagne. Mix up a batch of mimosas for a morning wedding, or create a festive champagne cocktail.
Wedding Cake
  • 17. Coconut Confection - coconut frosting and fillings make a quintessential spring treat
  • 18. Crazy for carrot - carrot cake with cream cheese icing is another springtime fave.
  • 19. Light and fluffy - go with angel food cake and fresh strawberries or strawberry cream
  • 20. Whimsical adornments - decorate with bright, fanciful details like ribbon, swiss dots or swirl patterns.
  • 21. Loosen up - feel free to relax the dress code a bit, especially if the wedding will take place outside
  • 22. Lighten up - lighter fabrics like lace or cotton create a perfect springtime look
  • 23. Wedding gown - Add some color with a sash or detailed embroidery
  • 24. Bridesmaids dresses - Pastels are a springtime classic. Keep yours fresh by choosing a color and allowing each of your maids to select a different hue. Or go in another direction with a bolder turquoise, fuschia or mango.
  • 25. Avoid satin shoes - they don't hold up well under springtime showers
  • 26. The guys - They'll look seasonably appropriate in tan suits, colored shirts and ties. For a formal evening affair, a basic tux always works.
  • 27. Keep love blooming - with packs of flower seeds
  • 28. Plant it - give miniature potted plants or herbs
  • 29. Horse-drawn carriage - this Cinderella-like getaway make a fitting finale to an ethereal springtime wedding
Get even more ideas for spring weddings.
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Very nice tips! I got married both times in June. I was afraid of rain!

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