Fun Games For Your Bridal Shower

Here are some neat Bridal Games for next Bridal Shower you Host: Visit Cool Tees' Bridal Shop for  Gifts for your Wedding Party and Save the Date Magnets.


Each guest receives a minature wedding band (from craft store..or item of your choice.As guests arrive explain to the them only once: If you catch someone saying the word 'Bride’ or 'Wedding’ you get to take their Craft Wedding Band. The first person to say can I have the wedding Band (or other item) receives the item. Often you will have someone say “You said bride or You said wedding give me your gold band”, when they just said the words that can not be said. The guest with the most items at the end of the shower is the winner.
You can play for a small prize or just the
prestige of winning.


Ask the groom 20 or so questions about himself. At the shower, have everyone ask how well they think the bride knows her groom. Have them write down how many of the questions they think she will get right. The closet answer wins.

Some question ideas are: "What was his first pet, pets name, His favorite music group,song color, How old was he when he had his first kiss,what was his first job, how many states has he lived in,
his first car, favorite food, etc.


Cut construction paper into heart shapes and Hand all of the guests one with a pen and ask them to write "advice for the bride" example, Never go to bed mad.

Place completed hearts in basket and ask the bride to read them out loud. Makes a great keepsake for the bride.

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