Useful Tips for Wedding Receptions

Here are some useful tips for your wedding reception that can save money on decorations.

  • Make columns for a wedding reception using the cardboard tubes from a carpet store.Paint them white, and zip tie 3 of them together. Decorate with tulle and twinkle lights. 
  • A few garden trellises propped up against the walls make the perfect base for your wedding reception decorations. Select a trellis that has a measurement of at least 6' on one side so it will display high up on your walls. These can be purchased at any garden center, including many big chain hardware stores. Simple wooden trellises are very cheap, but you can also find beautiful iron and copper ones.
  • Have a friend or family member take a Polaroid of your guests as they arrive at your reception. Pin to a silk tree that has been decorated for the occasion . Give Photo to your guests as favors.
  • Dress your wedding attendants and family members in matching t shirts to get into the spirit of the Wedding.

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