Unbelievable Napkin Flowers

Can you believe these flowers are made from napkins. They are beautiful and any color can be made. Here are the instructions from the Me Making Do blog. This just blew me away. I am so amazed by the talent I find on blogs.Here are the instructions but visit her site for her step by step tutorial with pictures.

1. Gather your supplies, scissors, hot glue gun, paper napkins,
sticks crochet thread and a vase if you want.
2. Cut your napkin down each fold so that you have four squares.
3. Stack the four squares on top of each other.
4. Fold the napkin in an accordian or fan fold.
5. pinch together in the middle of the napkin.
6. Tie thread around the middle.
7. Hot glue your stick in between two folds.
8. Round off edges on both sides of your napkin.
9. Spread out each side.
10. Carefully peel each layer of the flower up.
11. Repeat with each layer
1 2. Pull your thread and continue wrapping around the stick.
13. When you have wrapped your thread around completely glue the ends
with a small dab of hot glue down on the wound thread.

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