Milk Bottle and Doughnut Snowmen Treats

I have never ever seen a snowman I didn't like, but these cute guys take the cake....and snowmen are not just for Christmas anymore...I leave snowmen  out well after the holidays. Adorable snowmen milk bottles with powdered doughnut heads.  Here are the instructions to make these sweet treats:

You  need:
small milk glasses (these from Target work great)
powdered doughnut holes
milk, of course
To decorate, 
use  chocolate jimmies to press into the doughnuts for the eyes and mouth. 
The noses are orange coated sunflower seeds pressed into the doughnut and attached with a tiny bit of frosting.
 Coordinate  their felt scarves with the same color striped straws.
 And to finish them off,  glue  a few small buttons right on the glass.
 Clever idea to reuse snapple bottles. 
*Photo courtesy of  Bakerella

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