Valentines Candy Poster for Husband

Several years ago I made my husband a homemade Valentine Candy Card with a folded piece of poster board...When I look at this candy card, I cringe  because it could have been so much better, but he has saved the card all these years. The inside of the card reads:
  • Dear Sugar Daddy
  • Hope this card brings you many snickers 
  • You give my Life Riesen 
  • Wouldn't trade your for 100 Grand
  • Our life is a Symphony
  •  and then I added a Be Mine Chocolate Heart
 Of all the gifts I have given him through the years, I think this simple card was his favorite...and my daughter still remembers it too. Sometimes It's the smallest things that mean the most.  

 More Candy Card Sayings

Jolly Rancher - for all the times you make me laugh
Sweet Escapes - for the special times we spend alone
Hugs & Kisses - yours are simply the best
100,000 Bar - .you are worth more than a grand to me
Skittles - for the rainbow of colors you show in my life 
Whopper of a good time
Extra Gum-Thank you for going the Extra Mile
Crunch Bar-When you are in a Crunch, Call Me
Mints-You are Mint to Be in My Life
Peppermint Patty-for the cool sensations you give me

I love making these cards and my husband loves eating them. 

 check this LINK for more Valentine Gifts Ideas

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