How to Make Notebook Covers from Cereal Boxes

Love this idea.  I have re purposed a lot of notebooks with custom covers, but this made me think in a different direction...this way, you save your ink and you have a very colorful notebook...Oh my Gosh, I can hardly type looking around the room to see what I can find to cover a notebook..  

                  To make the notebook 
  •  use a sheet of the note paper to line up your holes for your new cover. 
  •  Use a hole punch to make the holes 
  • Twist the wire out
  • Put Cover on top of sheets and wind wire back in
   Visit this site for some really great ideas.
Making Memories

Update:  Made a notebook cover for my daughter from a Captain Crunch Cereal box.  Here is a photo.  It was so cute and my daughter loved it.

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Erin said...

Thanks so much for linking back to us! So glad you like the notebooks! =o)

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