Post It Note Idea

With Back to School around the corner  I  thought this was a  great idea to help  reduce the stress.
This idea came from a mom whose son always forgot his lunch in the morning.  She glued post it notes on a clothespin and clipped it on her sons backpack.  She changed it each day to remind him not to forget something he needed to take with him.  Simple yet effective.
Not only is this great idea  for kids and Teachers,  This would be good to clip on a pocketbook to remind us of things as we head out of the house.
This would have been  useful for me when I was traveling back and forth to Charleston  with a friend .  I got in such a hurry I forgot to pack some very essential things.  She still rags me about the trip I made without Undies.
Do you have a tip that works for you and your family for back to school?

*photo from Family Fun

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