Candy in a Fruit Can Craft

Love this idea I found on Come Together Kids. I have done crafts like this with a 2 liter soda bottle before. This is so much fun when the can is opened and kids find a very nice surprise. I had forgot about this fun craft. I have a special little girl in mind to do this for.
Another idea I had for this project would a children's object lesson in a Sunday School Class. Use it to explain we are to not judge people from the outside appearance but love them for what's inside.
If you would like to do a plastic 2 liter soda bottle, clean and dry the bottle , remove the label carefully(because you will want to glue it back) and take a knife and cut a slit where the label was. Don't go below the label area because you don't want it to show. Fill the bottle with birthday goodies or anything you want. Use a glue stick to put the label back on. This idea can be used as a gag gift and watch the surprise as they try to figure how that stuff got in the bottle.

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