Layered Pumpkin Cheesecake

Love, love, love this recipe from Farm Chicks.  I'm making this to take to a Fall Festival this weekend.  See those layers, it's graham crackers.  What I'm going to do is to take a boxed cheesecake and add pumpkin pie filling to it and layer it with the graham crackers.  I can only see it working.... I'm always adding something to the plain cheesecake kits.  I'm so excited about this cake.
My husband is always telling me not to take something to a get together that I have never made before...I say  take risks, change things up, try something new.  Will update you after the festival...We will see who is right, him or me.
Click on Farm Chicks for her recipe.

UPDATE I won runner up with my pumpkin cheesecake (Jello Cheesecake) that I added the pumpkin pie filling to.  The judge had a hard time deciding between mine and a pumpkin pound cake (that was delicious).  The pound cake was from scratch so she deserved to win....but mine was really good.  The next time I will use 2 boxes and add just a touch more pumpkin.

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