How to Print on Fabric(Pillow)

Photo From My Repurposed Life

I am so in love with this pillow.  This is on my project to do list as soon as I buy the supplies.  The graphic is from the graphics fairy site.  I have been to that site hundreds of times but my mind never conceived an idea  like this.  I found this while I was looking for sewing ideas.  I cleaned out a back room today and dug out my sewing machine.  As soon as I locate my bobbins, thread, and machine needles, or most likely go and buy some, I'm going to do this. She warns about using your printer to  print on  fabrics, but I have printed on paper bags, tissue paper, and many other items not associated with printing.  It is just the matter of not leaving ends that will get caught in the printer. If you are interested in learning her technique visit her site at My Repurposed Life.  Don't forget to visit The Graphics Fairy for free graphics...we would love see any projects you make.
Here is a site called Instructables  showing how to use  freezer paper to print on fabrics. Lots of good info here.

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Dr saurabh .Nande said...

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