Weight Loss Motivation

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Loss the 3 pounds AGAIN, now I'm ready to move forward.  I signed up at Sparkpeople to track my weight loss and for motivation. They have so many tracking tools for nutrition, weight, exercise, teams with the same goals you have and more.  I have set goals for 10 minutes of walking per day. I have a lot of knee pain so this is a biggie for me. Somehow this time is different for me.   My son tells me he knows I will do it this time, and he walks with me.  How supportive and sweet is that? My husband also walked with me this week. I have too many people in my corner to fail.  My husband has lost 11 pounds without even trying, my son has stopped eating sugar (though I think he sneaks around a little) but he has never had a weight problem. My dogs are getting exercise and loving it. It feels good to know my diet has influenced all these changes in my family.


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