Just Plain Cute Ideas for Christmas

Elf Donuts

Super cute Idea for Christmas morning. Along with cookies for Santa, how about some elf donuts.  These are made from cheerio cereal.  There is no link to this idea but I'm assuming that is powdered sugar and sprinkles.  No idea how to make them stick.  I guess honey could be used or Karo syrup.

Love this idea of dressing the fridge or dishwasher like a snowman. These appliances just shout "Look at Me".
Frosted vases with battery run tea lights.  Small circle of material or doily over the top and ribbon to hold it on.  I have no idea how the carrot nose was made but these are adorable. I'm in favor of a brighter colored ribbons.
Upside down gingerbread

 Wow...these are gingerbread men turned upside down and made into reindeer.  How absolutely clever.

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