Cell Phone Candy Valentine Craft

Kids loving making cool cool Valentine Cards for family and friends.  Here is a  cell phone with a text message for your favorite Valentine.  These are super easy to make and it is the perfect project for mom and preschoolers and older children.  Cut card stock into 3 inches by 7 inches.  Make a template to get the most pieces from your paper. You can add your service carrier logo and other things to make it look more realistic.

  •  Choose a piece of colorful cardstock.  I only had this dull gray color.
  •  Cut cardstock into 3 by 7 inch pieces(make a template to get more pieces)
  •  Fold the cut pieces in half
  •  Use a graphic program to make your cell windows or hand draw
  •  Add candy buttons for the cell phone buttons.  I only had a blister pack of laxatives (sorry about that) but you get the idea.

If you make one of these, please send a picture  and I will share it here.

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