Easter Basket Theme Ideas

When my kids were young, it was tough to come up with creative Easter Baskets year after year. We all strive to give them baskets they  will remember. Here are some ideas to help in your quest for the ultimate Easter Basket.  
Photo: Faithful Provisions
  If you choose non candy items for your basket,make your basket around a theme or hobby. Why not  use something you know you will have to purchase in the future as Easter basket fillers. If you want to put candy in your baskets, choose several small bags of jelly beans, chocolate kisses, and m&m's, and ration them out.
:: Easter basket filler ideas  
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Free Printable Easter Paint Can Templates
I think paint cans for crafts got popular because everyone wants something different. Instead of Easter baskets why not make paint cans and fill with cool Easter Gifts. Here are 2 printable paint cans from Gifts that Say Wow:
:: Free Printable Bunny Easter Paint Can
:: Free Printable Easter Duck Paint can.
If you are skilled at sewing, this is a awesome idea for using a stuffed animal for Easter basket.  Great way to re purpose all those lonely stuffed animals not getting enough love.
:: Tutorial for Stuffed Animal Easter Basket

 And last (but by no means the least), is a Easter basket made from an empty milk jug. This craft is so cute and there are  endless ways to decorate this cute bunny Easter  basket
I love this idea...so I am about to do a dumpster dive to retrieve my gallon milk jug I just trashed.  
Happy Easter and happy crafting.
:: Bunny from Milk Jug

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