How to Paint Kitchen Countertops

I have been contemplating if painting kitchen countertops is the way for me to go.   Five days is a long time to deal with any painting project, at least for me it is.  Here are the finished kitchen countertops I've had my eye on and they are gorgeous.
Diy Painted Kitchen Countertops
Click on this link for want a step by step tutorial on painting kitchen countertops. This site has alot of good ideas like covering your paint roller pan with plastic bags so you can easily change the paint color.  The cost is around $30 which is much cheaper than granite countertops.

 Click on the following link for  another technique showing how to spray paint countertops.  You use a can of  Stone color spray paint.   The cost is around $10. This looks pretty easy.  This is a bathroom but it could be used for a kitchen also.  I think I could deal with this one.  How about you?  Which technique would you use?

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