The Best Way to Lose Weight

  I have lost 33 pounds.  The weight  is coming off so slow, but I think this is the best way to lose weight.  It has taken 6 months, but the weight is coming off.  

It's been cold here so I haven't been exercising like I should.  My friend and I walked a mile yesterday and Bam....2 more pounds gone. I think I see a pattern here.  My diet is not the  fastest way to lose weight, but it works for me.   Here is a portion control chart I found with with great tips for weight loss.


 Photo source : The Berry 

  It's so easy to misjudge your calorie intake.  Most people start on a 1200 calorie diet. I don't count calories but always eat the smallest size of anything I order at restaurants and fast food joints.  Also watch what you are putting on your plate when eating at home. Could you be satisfied with less?   Be your own Food Police.


  Love this quote:  The person who starts the Marathon is not the same person who finishes.  Though I've lost only 33 pounds, I'm not the person who started my diet, and this is only the beginning.  It can only get better.


Source: Ways for Weight Loss

 This quote hit home for me. Nothing tastes as good as being thin.  Nothing tastes as good as fitting into smaller clothes. Nothing tastes as good as going clothes shopping and realizing there are a lot of things you can choose from now. Nothing... 

 We have hundreds of excuses for not exercising.  Mine has been the cold weather.  It's not cold inside.  There are alternatives. A lot of people use dance exercise videos.  I will put on some music that I love and dance like no one is looking.

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