6 Fun Easter Crafts for Kids

 Fun projects for kids

Cardboard Tube Easter Crafts
 Toilet paper roll crafts are not my first choice for crafting, but this Easter Bunny and Chick are so cute I couldn't resist.   They would be perfect table decorations for Easter and so easy to make.  
:: Easter Craft with toliet paper tube.
Photo: Daily Leisure/Bunny Mask
How cute is this simple bunny mask made with a craft stick, pipe cleaners, and a pink pom pom for the nose. This is the perfect craft project for busy moms and an easy Easter  preschool project.

Easter Place Setting
How cute is this for a Easter decoration?   Wrap green forks, spoons, and knives with an orange paper napkin,Use 2 shades of green pipe cleaners to hold it together.   
  ::Carrot Napkin Craft
Chick and Bunny Cup Craft

 Cute  Easter craft using white and yellow drink cups for treats. Give them a little personality with feathers,grass, googly eyes, and pipe cleaners and you have a special treat holder.These are fun crafts to make with kids.
 ::Credit: n/a.
Peeps Cupcake Push Ups
 Adorable cupcake decorating idea for Easter  is made with a beheaded peep :) on top of a mini cupcake.  Kids will love baking these cute mini cupcakes push up pops. If you can't find the cylinders, you can always make cupcakes with the bunny head.  Either way, super cute.
 :: Cupcake push pop peeps
Paper Lantern Bunny Craft

Absolutely adorable bunny made from  a paper lantern bought at Dollar Tree. The face and feet are maid with foam. Makes the perfect Easter table centerpiece, but so simple the kids can make it.

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