Craft Room Organization

Last year I organized my craft supplies because I kept buying supplies I didn't need.  I was buying  duplicates of duplicates.  It just makes economical sense to organize craft supplies.

 These storage drawers can be found at Lowes in the hardware department.  My first thought was it would make a great craft organizer. You can make your own labels or use  Avery labels to identify the contents.You can change the whole look by painting the organizer. This can be done by taking all the drawers out and using a spray paint for plastic.  Be gone the dreaded gray "man color".   This is the best craft organizer  if you have a lot of small items.
  This is a great system for craft papers that is portable. It is a plastic container that has groves to hang the files. 
 It holds laminating sheets,photo  paper,labels,velum,colored card stock and anything else that is paper size in this file. It can be easily moved to any place you craft.

Plastic drawers make great storage for crafts and basket making items. I have a gift drawer for women and girls.  When I find something on sale I buy it and save it for a basket or a gift combo for later.  Gift packs are good to buy when they are priced to sell.  Break them down and put in your gift drawer.  You are ready for any occasion without a trip to the store.
You can also make a drawer for kids gifts.    Buy products on sale and save them until you need them for gifts or baskets.
I have a 3 drawer plastic bin where I keep all my gift basket supplies.  I have shreds, excelsior, tulle, teddy bears, and I keep a few gift items in the bottom bin.
  This drawer holds all my  candles, clear ornaments, and votive candle holders.  I love making  photo candle...see my Candle Making Technique.

Organize tape,glue sticks, and glue dots in the same drawer. Use small baskets to separate them.
 There are a lot of ways to organize your crafts, but with the small area I have for crafting, this works best for me. It's been over a year now and all my stuff is still organized.

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