Update on Weight Loss and Diet Motivation

  The guy at DMV once asked me if that was what I really weighed....true story...Lol.
Starting Monday no soda !! No junk food for 2 months that is my goal i want to see how many lbs i can loose. I am going to start to eat healthy and work out. 
Well I've lost 35 pounds and feeling much better. Seems the weight is coming off so slow.
My friend and I have started walking a mile a day.  Today was day 2. We are trying to keep each other accountable.

Wouldn't you know it, tomorrow's forecast is rain.  Guess I will have to start doing Pilates. I've had the bands for years.  Healthy Life!... 
 At my 6 month check up my doctor said we will see about taking me off of my meds the next time I come in. Be a winner
 I have 3 new goals. Start exercising more, get off my meds, hit the 50 pound mark.    Fit is a way of life life quotes quotes quote life fitness workout motivation exercise motivate workout motivation exercise motivation fitness quote fitness quotes workout quote workout quotes exercise quotes

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