Weight Loss Update

As of Today I have lost 37 pounds.  I can see the weight I'm losing but the scales wont' budge. I'm sticking to my program and I'm expecting a huge drop in weight soon.
My Friend Debbie and my niece Krista and I are walking  and it is helping all of us to stay accountable.  No one wants to be the one that says I'm not walking today...lol. I hope we get a lot more people involved. We switch it up and walk in different places so we don't get bored.
 I recently bought an ebook on nutrition that has changed my mind about food in general.  I have always known labels are deceptive but this book has made me look at nutrition in a new light.  I recently bought veggie burgers thinking I was doing good.  The book said to look at the ingredient list.  There were over 40 ingredients in the list.  There is no way that can be healthy. 
Please look closely at labels. Fewer ingredients are best.  There is no magic fat burning foods, but the chemicals in the food can slow your weight loss. So simple but something most of us overlook.
I'm on a mission to clean up my food, get rid of processed food.

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