Fun with Mason Jars

I love mason jars, they are a little piece of nostalgia.  I have found several unique ideas for mason jars.  To make these awesome silhouette mason jars, use the tutorial link below.

Source:  Silhouette Mason Jars 

Make textured mason jars with puffed paint or foam letters.  Then  spray paint the jars for a great  diy home decoration.

Source: Textured Mason Jars

 I honestly thought this was potted plants in mason jars, but  actually it is dirt cake.  I have made several dirt cakes through the years, but this one fooled me. Check out the tutorial below.

Source: Dirt Cake in Mason Jars
I saw my first mason jar soap dispenser while visiting my niece.  I fell in love with them.  They are perfect for any decor, and big enough to last awhile before refilling. Learn to make these super cool dispensers.

Source:  Make Mason Jar Soap Dispensers

   I love unique vases for my flowers and this one is simple to make.  Using a frosted spray paint and circles that you remove after painting the jar, you can achieve this look.

Source:  Frosted Mason Jar Flower Vase

 This is not a mason jar but it's a handy tutorial  to learn how to write on glass.
Source:  Writing on glass 

 Love these free printables of mason jars.  Visit Sweetly Scrapped to download her awesome jars.

Source:  Download Free Mason Jar Clip Art
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