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Since my weight loss I have had to get rid of a lot of clothes.  That means I've had to buy a lot of new clothes.  That can get very expensive since I still have weight to loose.  I decided to check out Goodwill.  I have been pleasantly surprised at the finds there.  Here is a jacket I found at Goodwill that is one of my favorites. 
I can wear this jacket with pants, skirts, and dresses.  Since I'm trying to save money on clothes, my rule before buying is the piece must be versatile enough  to make at least 3 outfits.   This sweet jacket was $3.99.
Jacket with Sleeveless Black Dress
 Here I used the jacket with a sleeveless black dress. I had a black necklace that goes well with it.  To change it up, you can use a solid scarf or change the jewelry.  A long silver necklace changes the look entirely.

Jacket with Black Skirt and Belt
   This jacket looks good with long black skirt and white shirt.  Add a wide belt and a necklace.    You can wear the shirt tucked or not. If you tuck the shirt, you can  add a wide black belt and still look slim.  A belt also works for  shirts that are not tucked.

Jacket and Pants with a Splash of Color

Here is a super slimming outfit.  Pair black pants, black shirt, and add a thin belt. Use different color belts and scarves.  You can also change the look with a different color shirt.  There are so many ways to wear this simple jacket.  This is why this is my absolute favorite piece.

This Jacket passed the 3 outfit test with flying colors.  I could make so many more variations.

Something else I learned at Goodwill is to group all my colors together.  I was amazed at the sets that just happened to appear.  This was the most important thing I did when I started buying clothes.  I also did my husband's closet the same way and we were shocked at the blue shirts he owned, so now we know not to buy blue shirts....ever again.  We are now focusing  on the colors he does need. We realized he didn't own a long sleeve white shirt.  It was quite the eye opener.
As you can see I love black, but I am adding some brighter colors like red, royal blue, and purple. The plus to this is they also coordinate with my black pants, black skirts, and black jackets.
 If you shop Goodwill, be sure to double check for holes and spots.  I have made a couple of purchases that I shouldn't have. But it is well worth it if you careful and check for flaws.

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