Christmas Gifts in Jars

I had so much fun putting homemade cookies and candy in jars for gifts this year.  I made tags for them and hung them with twine.  I bought containers at the dollar store but then decided to use mason jars which were less expensive.
Next year I will make cut out designs for the tops. Of course I found the perfect paper for them after I finished the gifts. It was the Christmas wrapping paper sitting in a corner of my room.
Check out my buckeyes recipe I made for Christmas.  They looked great in the jars and everyone wants buckeyes at Christmas.
 This year I also made this white trash recipe and added whole pecans.  I will be putting it in jars too.

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Tracey said...

Awesome! I love how I could be able to complement gifts in jars ideas with my funny FakeABaby gag gifts.

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