How to Stock and Organize Your Pantry

 Today I took inventory of all the food in  my pantries and cabinets. I never dreamed I had so many cans, bottles, jars, packets, boxes, canisters, bags, and spice bottles. I'm getting tired just listing them.

In my defense I'm shooting for a well stocked pantry but I think I missed my mark a little.  When there is so much stuff, there is no way to know what you have.  That's why an inventory list is important.
 Here is my free printable  you can use to list all of your food items. It seems like a lot of trouble to do this but trust me,  it is an eye opener.
 I found I have 10 cans of early peas which were bought on sale.  That is a good thing, but I only have 2 cans of corn so the next time it goes on sale I will know to go easy on the peas and stock up the corn.
  Now I can plan my meals around what I have the most of.  I saw items in my pantry that have been there awhile and that I need to use before they go out of date.  I don't list the expiration date because I purge anything that has expired and only good food items remain. 

 Since my list is in microsoft word, it will be easy to make changes and print out the list when I use or buy pantry items. No more guess work about having an item in your cabinets, once they are organized, they are a breeze to find.
This list can go on the refrigerator or inside a cabinet so you will know at a glance what you have for meal planning and grocery shopping.

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