Celebrating the Fourth of July

These cupcakes are the bomb.  I tried to figure out what the firecracker was made of. I figured they were  shaped fondant.  To my surprise, it is marshmallows that have been covered with melted red wafers and the wick is licorice.
So simple but so cute.
I love candy bark and use it alot to make Christmas candy.  I've never thought about using it for Fourth of July, Memorial Day, or Veteran's Day Candy.
   I just love creative ideas like this,  I would love to take these to a picnic and see the reaction to them.
The Recipe

 I have seen several Oreo cookies dressed for the 4th of July but these are the cutest I've seen.  Visit the site to see how to make these
colorful, patriotic cookies.
My niece made these burlap pillows for Memorial Day but they are perfect for the 4th of July too.

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