Easy Zucchini Recipes

We have been lucky enough to get loads of zucchini, squash, and cabbage from a family member.
 I can hardly believe that two summers ago I didn't like zucchini, and it keep coming all summer.  I didn't want to seem ungrateful and tell my niece and nephew  I didn't like zucchini, so on and on it came.    The next year they didn't grow any, so it was safe to tell them I didn't like zucchini.  We had a good laugh about it. But I found myself buying some in the grocery store and making oven fries with them.
    This year, we have been blessed again with a big bounty of their zucchini.  Here are some recipes I  want to try and a few I have tried.
This is on the top of my list of zucchini recipes to try.  It is low carb dish and is also a healthy meal for weight watchers.
Tried these tonight.  I think mine were too thin, I got impatient and cut the oven up to 300 degrees.  They stuck and never got crispy.  I feel sure if I had followed instructions, it would have worked. I was trying to hurry them up because the rest of my meal was ready to serve.  I will try them again but I will add Parmesan cheese to them next time for more flavor
.                                                  Source
Oh my Goodness!  Zucchini Brownies?  My sweet friend Lauren sent me a link with this recipe.  This is a must try.
Look at the texture of this zucchini bread...I could lick the computer screen it looks so good.  This is a will try recipe and it looks so good I  sent it to my niece that gave me the veggies.
Ok, I just let these cucumber rolls ups hijack my zucchini recipes.  I thought it was zucchini when I saw the photo, but it is such a good idea, I had to share. There are several recipes on the website using thin sliced cucumbers. I Bet these would be a hit at parties.

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