Small Closet Organization

I am in the process of organizing my very small closet. I need all the closet organization tips I can find.

  The most important step is to get everything out of the closet and evaluate it's value.  Here is a simple way to decide what stays and what goes.

I personally don't go along with the idea  throw it away after a year. Why not store it away.  It could be an important piece when other pieces are added to your wardrobe. 


           How to Organize Your Closet


Here are two ideas for  tank tops.  I had put my  solid tank tops on one hanger and the patterns on another hanger, but  I really like the idea of a tie rack.
And this one uses shower curtain rings.  Genius!!

 Both ways are a great way to have tanks at your fingertips.

 I used to put my tank tops in a drawer so I forgot to use them when dressing.  They add so much style, hide straps, add color, and the list goes on and on.
I have NO lights in my closet and when I first saw this idea I said no way. But when you when you start thinking about strands of lights around the door(on the inside), it starts to make sense. Definitely trying this.

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