Baby Food Jar Organizer

I just discovered a new use for a baby food jar organizer and it was so surprising and pure genius. It is perfect to hold all your spices.  I had a drawer full of spice bottles that never got used, now they are on my counter, begging me to use them when I cook.
I can't take the credit for this invention though, it was the idea of my friend, Lauren, whose baby had just stopped eating baby food. She is the one who came up with this brilliant idea.  The moment I saw it, I knew it was the answer to a problem I've had for a long time, buried spices that needed to be used before the date ran out. I couldn't get to town fast enough to buy this organizer.  Thanks Lauren for your great idea, some people are just so creative.

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Marven James said...

How to choose the perfect gift for my mom?
every problem has a solution

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