Makeup Tutorials

I have small eyes and I am constantly looking for ways to make them appear larger.  Not many things on my body I want to enlarge but this is one of them. I found this technique that I have never seen before.  I tried it and it does make your lashes look thicker,

I discovered this cool trick a few months back. Drop your mascara tube in a glass or cup of warm water.  The mascara glides on and it is a great way to get out the last bit of mascara out of the tube.
I never really got eyelash curlers until I ran into this neat trick.  Warm up your curler with your hair dryer and enjoy longer,  luscious eyelashes.
I recently started doing my concealer like this instead of the straight line under my eye.  It seemed I could never get it to blend. Another great tip is to use your foundation first and then use concealer.
I love buying makeup brushes but I never know the best way to use them.  This guide is so helpful.  Some of these uses were a surprise, but now I know what to do with each brush.
Last but not least is how to apply eye makeup that best suits your eye shape.  This is very important.  I have a hooded eye and the colors above my lid is what is going to be noticed the most.

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