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Tips for Beautiful Hair

I love trying new hair styles and sometimes I get a little excited when I schedule a cut.   Everyone knows hairstylists love to cut's what they do.  So last week I gave my stylist permission to cut off most of my hair.  I love the style but I'm not used to having my hair this short and neither is my husband. So this is how I came up with the following tip.

 If you cut your hair shorter than you like, when it gets to that sweet spot that you simply love, take a photo with your cell phone.  When you go back to your stylist, you have the exact look you want with your face, not a celebrity or hair style magazine photo. I've shared this idea with alot of friends and they loved it.

When you wash your hair and towel dry, just blot your hair, never fluff it with the towel.   Pets love to be fluffed after a bath, our hair, not so much.  It can break your hair and cause frizz.  It takes longer to blot but it's worth it to keep breakage and frizzy hair in check.

Got the static in your hair?  After putting lotion on your hands, run them over your hair and it will prevent your hair from being out of control.

This is  my favorite tip. If you have limp hair that is hard to style (like me), flip your hair upside down to blow dry. When dry,  tease the roots gently with a fine tooth comb and use your fingers to style your hair.  This keeps you from combing or brushing out all of the volume.
  I tease and spray with hair spray and let it completely dry.  My hair looks like an explosion took place but when you get it tamed, it looks awesome.  When my kids were young, one morning I almost walked out with my teased hair. My son said mom, look at your hair.  We had the biggest laugh about my big hair. 

Let me know what works for you when styling your hair.  I love trying new hair products and I love any tip that makes it easier to get from zero to fabulous.

Makeup Tutorials

I have small eyes and I am constantly looking for ways to make them appear larger.  Not many things on my body I want to enlarge but this is one of them. I found this technique that I have never seen before.  I tried it and it does make your lashes look thicker,

I discovered this cool trick a few months back. Drop your mascara tube in a glass or cup of warm water.  The mascara glides on and it is a great way to get out the last bit of mascara out of the tube.
I never really got eyelash curlers until I ran into this neat trick.  Warm up your curler with your hair dryer and enjoy longer,  luscious eyelashes.
I recently started doing my concealer like this instead of the straight line under my eye.  It seemed I could never get it to blend. Another great tip is to use your foundation first and then use concealer.
I love buying makeup brushes but I never know the best way to use them.  This guide is so helpful.  Some of these uses were a surprise, but now I know what to do with each brush.
Last but not least is how to apply eye makeup that best suits your eye shape.  This is very important.  I have a hooded eye and the colors above my lid is what is going to be noticed the most.

Beauty Tips and Secrets

This is a great way to get lush lashes without using false eyelashes.  I tried this tip and it does work good. Use mascara as usual.  I dipped an old mascara wand into a small container of baby powder and brushed my eyelashes with it. Then I followed it with my regular mascara. I was very happy with the way this worked.
I have never heard of the term "beachy hair" until I visited this site. Now I totally get it. I made the mix and sprayed and sprayed my hair.  Trust me, you don't won't to overdo it.  I had  matted, dirty looking hair that even my daughter, who is very kind, said looked awful. The blogger said not to spray too much product but I got excited.  I found after the second try, that spraying the underside of my hair worked best for me. It does give your hair texture and hold.  You just have to let off the sprayer before it's too late.
Love this idea, the nails look awesome.  I don't know if I want to purposely smear nail polish around my nails. It is so hard to get polish off when you accidentally get it on your skin. If anyone tries this, please let me know how it worked for you. I'm loving the look.
Source: Buzzfeed
 This is so easy but I never thought of it.  I have tubes and tubes of mascara that I can now save.  I am so excited about this beauty tip find.  
Tried it and it worked!!  It was like a new tube of mascara.
I have never heard of duping a product until recently.  I am totally on board. What it is, is finding matching, less expensive products that perform just as well.  And it's not just beauty products. 
 I saw products comparable to Wen Hair products.  I  bought Wen and gave it away. ( I love the smell of shampoo and I've got to have that lather...right or wrong).

Easy Curls without Curling Irons

I'm so excited about this post. It shows how to make  your hair curly without using heat. This is my new must try project.  I wear my hair long and sometimes I feel like the curls look like I haven't combed my hair for days  Here are before and after pictures.  This lady uses a rolled sock to make a bun in her hair and has the most gorgeous curls.

 Go to her site for instructions on how to make these beautiful curls.  I know my hair will be in a bun when I crawl in bed tonight.
Tutorial For Sock Bun

Home Made Firming and Cleasing Products

What firmer skin without all the cost?  Achieve healthy smooth skin with these tried and true recipes. Start off with the cleansing mask and follow with the firming mask.

Cleansing Mask:

1 Tablespoon Honey
2 Tablespoons of finely ground almonds
1/2  Teaspoon lemon juice

Gently rub into skin and rinse with warm water. 

Firming Mask:

1 Tablespoon Honey
1 Egg White
1 teaspoon glycerin (find at drugstores)
Enough flour to make a paste (around 1/4 cup)

Smooth over face and throat and leave on 10 minutes.  Remove with warm water.
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